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Frequently Asked Questions


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Any organization that schedules volunteers is welcome to try out WhenToHelpSM Lite for thirty days. Extended free use may be granted to certain qualifying charities. Click here for more details.

What if I do not have a 501(C)3 or Charity Registration Number?

You can use WhenToHelp Lite for thirty days, after thirty days you can pay to upgrade to the full version but to continue free use you must submit the online application found on your Settings>Information page.

If I upgrade will all my data still be accessible?

Yes, all data you have entered into your account is retained and after paying you can use all upgrade features in your account.

What are the main differences between the Lite and the Full versions?

WhenToHelp Lite Version is restricted in the number of volunteers in each account (250) and the number of shifts per week (100). Certain settings cannot be changed in the Lite version, ex. you cannot prevent volunteers from dropping shifts etc. (see options below).  Click here for a comparison chart.

Does the Lite version automatically send e-mail notifications of new schedules to my volunteers like the Full Version?

YES!  WhenToHelp has an internal messaging system that volunteers can set up to forward all messages to their e-mail or cell phone text message address. These e-mails are always sent out immediately when you publish a schedule. We also provide your own organization bulletin board where you can post entries and be informed when there are new entries to view.

I have multiple locations - will WhenToHelp work for me?

Yes, multiple locations, departments or divisions can be scheduled with WhenToHelp.  If locations share volunteers (any volunteers help at multiple locations) you can set up one WhenToHelp account and create positions for each location.  You can then view schedules for all locations/positions or for one location at a time. If locations do not share volunteers you also have the option of creating separate WhenToHelp account for each location - allowing each location coordinator to have a different sign-in and password. (On Paid accounts if you choose this method your accounts can be linked for billing purposes so that one payment will cover the total number of volunteers at all locations combined.)

Once I publish a schedule can I easily make changes to it?

Changes to schedules are easy. Simply click on any shift and change the start or end time, the hours worked, shift name or the assigned volunteer.  If you make a change to an already published schedule, notification will automatically be sent out to any affected helpers (for example, if they will no longer be assigned that shift or if they have been assigned a new shift). The schedule that volunteers view online will instantly reflect these changes and always be up-to-date.

Each volunteer can designate when they prefer to help?

One of the most unique advantages of WhenToHelp volunteer scheduling software is that it allows volunteers to sign-in and set up the hours each day of the week that they like or dislike helping.

The program then can automatically take these preferences into consideration when it calculates your scheduling. Having helpers set up these preferred times is not required, but can be a very effective tool in creating the best schedules possible for everyone. Coordinators can also enter these preferences for a volunteer.

What about when someone calls in sick - can it help me find a replacement?

Finding a replacement is easy.  Simply click on the sick shift and you will see a list of available volunteers (with their phone numbers) - next to each name you will see whether they like or dislike that particular time. The helpers at the top of the list are those who like to help at that shift time.  Once you have chosen a replacement you can highlight the name and click "save" to instantly update the schedule.

How long will it take me to enter the information I need to start scheduling?

When you begin your free trial you will be prompted for only the basic information necessary to get your organization started scheduling immediately.  This process usually takes between 10 minutes and half an hour (depending on how many volunteers you have).  Once your company and volunteer information has been entered you will need to enter your initial set of shifts.  There are many shortcuts you can take in setting up your shifts (creating shifts for one day and importing them into another - either as assigned to certain volunteer or unassigned).  Or as you add a new shift you can check the boxes for the days you want that shift added. Adding your shift information can take anywhere from 15 minutes to an hour - depending on how many different shifts per day you schedule.

Can I create schedules manually - place volunteers into shifts by hand?

Yes, you may assign volunteers to shifts by clicking on the shift and choosing any name. (Your helper list is sorted with the available people who like to help at that particular time first in the list or you can change to alphabetical view)  You can either manually place volunteers into all shifts or into just a few - and then let WhenToHelp automatically place the rest of the helpers.

How does WhenToHelp calculate the best schedule assignments?

WhenToHelp uses advanced mathematical algorithms to determine the best schedule for all volunteers - depending upon the preferred times they may have entered, approved time off/vacation requests, and  "cannot help" times. Seniority or scheduling group options can also be chosen.

Will I be able to repeat schedules?

Schedules can be repeated in a number of different ways.
1.  One day's shifts (assigned to certain helpers or unassigned) can be imported into another day.
2.  Another week's schedule can be repeated (and modified if necessary) the schedule can be used with or without previous helper assignments.
3.  Daily and weekly templates can be created ahead and used at any time.
Any of these methods allow for modifying shift times or which helper is assigned to the shifts.

Does WhenToWork do automatic rotational scheduling?

Although we do not do automatic rotational scheduling many of your users create their rotations manually by creating a template for each week in their rotation and then Importing the appropriate template for that week in the rotation.

Can I print schedules in a variety of formats (weekly, daily, etc.)?

Yes.  Your schedules can be viewed and printed in many formats:
Weekly - as a calendar or a list
Daily - as a calendar or a list
Monthly - as a calendar or chart
Multiple Weeks - as charts
Graphically - daily and weekly
As a list - daily and weekly
By Helper - alphabetically, showing hours helped for each shift and weekly totals. Schedules can be filtered to show all positions (departments or locations), or individual positions.

Does it keep track of volunteer hours?

Yes, stats for each shift, volunteer, position, day and week are always available.

What is the difference between a regular software program and an "online" program?

When you purchase a regular software program you need to install it (which uses up hard drive space on your computer) and you are subject to that computer crashing and losing your data.  Online programs provide you with use of your program from any computer connected to the Internet - allowing you to also schedule from home or while traveling. You do not have to worry about software installation or upgrading to new versions. You are always working with the most updated version of the software (at no extra charge).

Can I trust that WhenToHelp will be around in the future?

WhenToHelp is provided by WhenToWork, Inc. - a collaboration of three companies that have been reliably providing technology services for over 15 years.  We are committed to our customers and value their trust and loyalty.  We have developed WhenToWork with the long term in mind and have no large debt like many other "dot coms."

How does the Free Trial Period work?

To begin your 30 day free trial of WhenToHelp Lite you simply need to enter your e-mail address into the express sign up form on the right side of this page and you will immediately be e-mailed a temporary sign-in name and password.  Sign In using these and choose your own private sign-in name and password.  You will be guided through 6 easy steps to set up your organization.  From there you can choose a week to begin scheduling, enter your shifts and press auto-fill to try out the system. Before auto-filling the first time you may also add more volunteer details (like start dates if you wish to schedule by seniority, or maximum hours or days, cannot help times, etc.)  Once you have auto-filled your shifts you can always clear them, change information and re-auto-fill for a different schedule.  You can try all different scheduling options, make changes and then when you are happy with the results you can "publish" your schedule, which makes it available to volunteers online and automatically sends out notifications to volunteers.

To extend your use beyond 30 days you will need to purchase the Full Version for a month, 3 months, 6 months or one year, or you may apply for extended free use of WhenToHelp Lite using the application form in your account.

How can I pay to upgrade to the Full Version?

You may pay by check or by credit card using the "Subscribe Now" link on your Coordinator Home Page or by going to your account Settings>Make a Payment page.

Why can't I call WhenToHelp?

Our business model is designed to allow us to streamline our efforts and pass the savings on to you, providing free use for qualifying organizations and keeping our Full Version prices very low.

WhenToHelp Lite and Full Version WhenToHelp users can get their questions answered quickly using our Quick Email support. 

We realize this business model is not for everyone, but hopefully you will become confident in it, as all of our current users are.


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