Single-Click AutoFill

Automatic Volunteer Scheduling

Know more than just when volunteers are "available." With WhenToHelp time preferences for "prefer" and "dislike" (and even "cannot help" times, if you let them) can be entered. Preferences do not change existing schedules - they can enhance AutoFill or help when looking for replacements.

Knowing volunteer preferences not only makes scheduling easier, it has been proven to reduce absenteeism and turnover and also improve morale.

And it makes finding last minute replacements a breeze, because you know immediately who is available at that time, and also who really wants to work that shift.

Reduce Absenteeism & Turnover

Best Schedules Possible

Studies have found that volunteers are more likely to accept schedules if their preferences are considered.

When you use AutoFill you know you are getting the best possible schedule.  You get your shifts covered and volunteers are much happier with their schedules because you considered their preferences.

Our proprietary scheduling engine, developed by a team of Math PhDs, ensures that preferences and other parameters you set are considered, resulting in the best possible schedule for everyone.

AutoFill always honors:

  • Cannot work times
  • Approved time off
  • Maximum Hours/Days per Week
  • Maximum Hours/Shifts per Day
  • Minimum time off between shifts

Other options:

  • Position preferences (skills)
  • "Prefer" and "dislike" time preferences
  • Fill by priority group (set for each volunteer)
  • Fill by seniority
  • Or fill by equal priorities (default)
Drag and Drop Shifts

After AutoFill, you can make any changes you like.  Update one or more shifts, seek replacements and quickly update your schedules.

You can even clear the AutoFill assignments and start over.

You can AutoFill and choose to ignore preferences, but it still is really good information to know when you are trying to find a last minute replacement.

It allows you to know who might be the best choice to assign. There really is no down-side to letting volunteers enter their prefer and dislike times.

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