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Imagine... volunteers automatically and instantly being notified of new schedules and schedule changes.

This feature is included in WhenToHelp Volunteer Scheduling Software and is extremely convenient for both schedulers and volunteers.
Imagine... a world where volunteers can be automatically assigned to shifts based on when they want to help - or just go online and pick up the shifts they want. 
No more searching for scraps of paper to jog your memory. Produce more favorable scheduling by allowing volunteers to choose times they prefer, and then assign shifts based on those preferences. Our AutoFill feature incorporates all volunteers' preferences to produce the best possible schedule. Best of all, they can set their preferences themselves, or choose the shifts they want from any Internet connection.
Imagine... knowing which volunteers have viewed and confirmed receipt of their schedule.
No more wondering if volunteers have seen their schedule. You know at a glance the status of all volunteers.
Imagine... knowing which volunteers would be happy to come in when you are looking for a replacement.
By a simple click of your mouse, you see a list of the best replacements based on when they like to help.
Imagine... the convenience to your volunteers when the can access their schedule online at any time.
Volunteers can go online to check a posted schedule and pick up or trade shifts. Volunteers can also choose to receive e-mail or cell phone text notifications and alerts.
Imagine... having the option to do the scheduling from anywhere...
All you need is a computer connected to the Internet and you can access volunteer information and schedules.  This allows you the freedom to create and view schedules and easily find replacements from almost anywhere!
Imagine... never having to worry about software upgrades or complicated installations.
Our online scheduling software system ensures you are always using the latest version of the program, and all program upgrades are made for you and are provided completely free of charge.
Imagine... what you can do with your extra time when you aren't spending the hours redoing schedules and finding replacements when shifts change.  
Entering information on shifts & volunteers is quick and easy. New shift layouts can be created in minutes & even saved as templates for future use. And your volunteers are instantly updated with any changes in the schedule that affect them.

We invite you to come in and try WhenToHelp right now - you can be scheduling in a matter of minutes! 

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